You can reserve any direct flights to Mauritius from Cape Town International Airport or Durban’s King Shaka Airport on Air Mauritius, and from O.R. Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg on multiple airlines on any given day of the week. Flights from other major airports in South Africa will require a stopover in at least one of these three airports en route to this fabulous holiday destination.

Surrounded by more than 150km of lagoons and white sandy beaches, Mauritius is sheltered from the open sea by the world’s third largest coral reef which surrounds the island. About 49 uninhabited islands, some of which are used as natural reserves to protect endangered species, lie just off the coast. The island is naturally tropical along the coastal regions with forests in the mountainous region.

Attractive beaches, tropical fauna and flora, and an extensive range of natural and man-made attractions will more than keep you entertained. If you didn’t know what you can get up to on the island, now you know.

Chamarel Seven Coloured Earth – A natural phenomenon, this is a relatively small area of sand dunes that comprise of sand in seven distinct colours. This geological formation is found in the ‘Chamarel’ – a tiny village in the national reserves of Black River District. In fact, take a day trip all around the South West of the island via an organised tour or on your own via car, bus and taxi. This trip will include several welcomed breaks in your journey, including the diamond factory in Floreal, the sacred lake at Grand Bassin and the Black river Gorges.

Local Markets – Take a pick between Port Louis and Quatre Borne and check out the local markets in the area. You can expect to find stalls selling everything from clothes to fabrics. The beauty of this is you get to experience the culture of the island, and its people.

Trou aux Cerfs – Although this volcano is dormant, experts have said that it could become active in the next thousand years, nevertheless, it’s an experience just to visit this crater site. The area is tranquil and peaceful, and high enough for you to see several towns, villages and farms amidst the mountain peaks.

Tamarind Falls – A hike in nature’s paradise may be just what the doctor ordered. This beautiful attraction is unspoilt as you will hike up one of Mauritius’ canyons. There are 11 waterfalls, deep ponds and green vegetation that will have you forgetting the city life even exists, but that’s most likely why you ended up in Mauritius for starters. Tamarind Falls is for both the beginner and the diehard explorer. Pack a picnic basket and enjoy the view.

Mauritius National Botanical Gardens – It may take you more than a week to cover the entire grounds, but if you have an interest in a variety of tropical, many of them indigenous plants, this garden will have you falling in love. With acres of stretching land, and more than 650 varieties of plants, make this garden your home for the day.