Rich in German heritage with traces of its regal past still evident in the city’s locals, amidst the charismatic architecture, Windhoek is the capital of Namibia. When booking flights to Windhoek you are advised to book the hire of a car, as Hosea Kutako International Airport is located approximately 45km east of the city centre. Although renovations have modernised this entry point into the capital, it is the only international airport in Namibia. The airport also hosts a combined departure and arrivals terminal.

The combination of quaint old buildings and European-style cafes are the inspiration behind Namibia’s vibrant culture, and it’s no surprise that a mix of the old and new is fused with European and African influences. Over recent years, Windhoek has evolved into a more social, economic and cultural centre of Namibia, giving birth to its own personality and grandeur as a city. For most visitors on safari travelling through Namibia, Windhoek is where their adventure begins. This is also the perfect place to start and end your holiday.

With so much to do, we thought we’d make your selection a little easier.

Christuskirche – this unofficial symbol of the city is also Windhoek’s most recognised landmark. This somewhat unusual building is a German Lutheran church that stands on a traffic island. Constructed from local sandstone in 1907 by architect Gottlieb Redecker, one can’t help but compare this statuesque building to the gingerbread house.

Namib Desert – You will have to travel about 3-hours out of Windhoek to the Swartkopmund region to have fun in the desert. Massive coastal dunes along the Atlantic Ocean coastline stretch as far as the eye can see, serving a great playground to get yourself a little dirty. Whether you wish to take a guided quad bike tour, go sandboarding, walking or dune climbing, these desert excursions are all types of fun.

Joe’s Beerhouse – Frequented by visitors and locals alike, this establishment has earned itself legendary status throughout Africa. Old and new collections of artefacts are displayed in the restaurant, matching the rustic décor and kraal-style rondavel and thatch seating. In the truest sense, serving world-famous delicacies like Bushman Sosatie and zebra steak, and an ice cold Windhoek Lager, Joe’s Beerhouse encompasses the spirit of city.

Namibia Craft Centre – this vibrant market and design hub exhibits contemporary crafts in Namibia. Traditional craftwork is the centre range of the Craft Centre, with goodies on display from ceremonial San ‘love bows’ to Himba milk baskets. This is a great place to purchase a souvenir or two.

Heroes’ Acre – Built less than 10 km outside of Windhoek, this is the Republic of Namibia’s official war memorial. The statues are meant to foster a sense of patriotism for the people of Namibia, so that they can pass on the legacy to future generations. 174 tombs, of which all are not currently occupied, serves as a burial site for honoured heroes.